Yes, the ‘momstress’ exists and you may also suffer from it every day. It is possible that when 6 p.m. arrives you will feel very tired and you will notice how there are piles of clothes to fold, that you have not defrosted dinner and that your dog is begging you to take him out for a walk. It doesn’t matter if you are a mom who works all day outside the home or if you are a stay at home mom who works all day inside the home, the reality is that the ‘momstress’ is real.

There are mothers who are desperately looking for a break, but who can have a break from the busyness of everyday life? Who has time for massages? Next we are going to show you some tips -real- to be able to have a rest easily and cheaply every day and fight in this way against the stress of mothers.

The stress of the morning rush hour

If you get stressed out in the morning rush hour, it’s time to change the way you act. The morning rush hour can be quite stressful with young children, so everything needs to be prepared the night before – making lunches, selecting clothes, everything. Just think about this before the kids go to bed.

At first it can be difficult to create this habit, but once you have it, you will realize how it is worth it in the end. In addition, children also need to do their part in morning routines such as putting breakfast glasses in the sink or putting on socks or shoes.

When children misbehave

When your child has a tantrum or misbehaves, you may give in to his or her pretenses only to have the tantrum stop. It is necessary to take advantage of these situations to learn to remain calm. To do this, learn to meditate anywhere: take a deep breath, focus on yourself, ask yourself how you can handle the situation calmly and put yourself in your child’s shoes. Children are naturally curious and impulsive, they want to understand and experience life, and you are their guide. Don’t explode, or he will learn that exploding is the right thing to do.

When you have an endless list of tasks to do

You are not ‘superwoman’ and your partner must collaborate at home as an integral part of it. When you focus too much on the tasks that you have to do, you will forget the most important thing: spending quality time with your children. Ideally, keep a weekly schedule for household chores and have everyone collaborate on them. This way everyone will know that they have responsibilities at home and you will stop wanting to do everything.

When you worry about everything at all hours

Taking care of yourself is the key to being well and for this you must not only take care of your body, but also your mind. Try to spend time with your partner or talk to your friends whenever you can. Don’t just think about the things that worry you but about the solutions that you must find. Sometimes the only time you have is when the children are sleeping… so take advantage of it.

Avoid overly strict routines

Routines or schedules are fine to have control over the things that must be done daily, but the ideal is to leave two afternoons a week so that they are not scheduled and that you can enjoy family time without programming. You can enjoy an afternoon of games or simply an afternoon with the family without having anything organized.